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Were you or a loved one attacked or bitten by someone else’s dog? It is only right that you explore your legal options to see if you could be owed significant compensation for your medical costs, as well as your pain and suffering. Triumph Law, P.C. in El Dorado Hills can help you. We are a team of attorneys that brings more than 20 years of legal experience to every case we work on, so you know you can trust us to make the most of your case.

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California Dog Bite Law

In California, there is a strict liability law in place for dog bites and animal attacks, which includes accidental injuries caused by pets. Under this law, a dog owner can be held strictly liable for the harm suffered by others due to their pet’s misbehavior or aggression. Even if there was no reason to think that the dog would bite because it had never been aggressive before, the dog owner can still be liable to pay for the damages.

There are exceptions to strict liability, though, such as:

  • Plaintiff tried to hurt or did hurt the dog, so it was acting in self-defense.
  • Plaintiff was committing a crime against the dog’s owner, so it was acting in defense of its owner.
  • Plaintiff was trespassing in a closed space or yad that confined the dog, especially if that space had signs to warn others about the dog’s presence or aggression.

Who Do You File Against?

When demanding compensation to cover your losses after being the victim of a serious dog bite, you will not technically file against the dog’s owner. Instead, you will file against an insurance policy held by them. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance policies can be used to cover the damages caused by a dog attack, even if the attack happened away from the owner’s home.

If the dog’s owner has told you that they cannot afford to pay for your damages, do not take their word for it. They might not even know that their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance could be used to pay for your damages. The better option is to come to our firm and let us investigate the situation to see what policies are applicable.

Will the Dog Be Okay?

As an animal lover or dog owner yourself, you probably do not want the dog that bit you to get hurt, even though you are now suffering due to its aggression. Many of our dog bite clients tell us as much. They want to put the situation behind them, but they worry about what could happen to the dog if they file a claim against its owner. Will the dog be okay, or will it be put down? 

California law does not always require a dog to be destroyed after it bites someone. The decision is often up to a judge’s discretion. If the dog has not bitten anyone before, then the judge will be more likely to decide that it does not need to be destroyed, but the owner will need to take additional measures to ensure the dog is always restrained instead.

It is kind to worry about the dog that bit you and what could happen if you file a claim. However, at the end of the day and when your damages are stacking up, you need to worry about yourself and what could happen if you do not take legal action.

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Our El Dorado Hills dog bite attorneys are ready to hear from you if you were attacked by someone else’s pet. We know how to carefully approach these sensitive situations and pursue a fair amount of compensation. When you let us work on your case for you, we know you will already start to feel a bit better than you do now.

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