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Filing Legal Claims After Animal Attacks

Triumph Law, P.C. in Roseville offers free legal consultations to locals who have suffered from a dog bite or another form of animal attack. Our dog bite attorneys can help you fully navigate the circumstances and the legal processes involved to pursue owed compensation. We know that many dog bite claims are filed against someone that the claimant knows, like a family friend or neighbor. Using our extensive experience and tact, we can bring your claim without furthering irritations between you and the defendant, so the case can end without your friendship ending, too.

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Defining a Potentially Dangerous Dog

How dangerous was the dog that bit you? It might seem like a subjective question, but California law sets a definition for when a dog is dangerous or vicious.

Dogs can be considered dangerous or vicious under California law if the dog:

  • Bit at least two people without provocation in the last three years.
  • Acted in a way that required someone to act defensively to protect themselves.
  • Injured or killed another domesticated animal.
  • Injured or killed a person.
  • Continually displays aggressive, dangerous behaviors.

If the dog that attacked you can be defined as dangerous, then it can help your case. It will give the defense less room to argue that the dog was behaving normally and that you provoked it into attacking.

California Dog Bite Law

California also has a strict liability dog bite law in place. Under this law, dog owners can be held strictly liable for any damages suffered by someone who was bitten, knocked over, or otherwise attacked by their dog. This liability rule remains in place even when the dog has never shown any inclination of aggression in the past or if it attacked completely without provocation.

Strict liability rules allow you to seek compensation that pays for:

  • Past and future medical treatment costs
  • Lost wages and reduced income capacity
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Pain and suffering

What Injuries Can Dog Bites Cause?

A dog bite can cause catastrophic injuries. Larger dog breeds are more likely to cause severe injuries, but even the harm caused by smaller dogs needs to be taken seriously. You never know the complete severity of an injury until a medical professional has a chance to make a diagnosis.

Dog attacks can cause a variety of serious injuries, including:

  • Deep lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Permanent scarring
  • Serious infection
  • And more

It is important to realize that dog attacks can and often do inflict mental trauma on survivors, too. People who have been attacked by a dog are likely to become fearful of all dogs due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. In an injury claim, you can demand compensation related to your mental trauma and emotional pain, which will increase your claim’s value.

Will the Dog Be Destroyed If You Sue?

Some people do not want to file a dog bite claim because they worry for the dog’s wellbeing, which is admirable but a bit misguided. California law does not always require a dangerous or vicious dog to be destroyed. The decision will usually come down to a judge’s discretion unless the dog has a clear and lengthy history of hurting and attacking other people and pets. Rather than worrying about what will happen to the dog that bit you if you do file a claim, you should worry about what will happen to you if you do not.

Let Us Fight for You When It Counts

Triumph Law, P.C. and our Roseville dog bite attorneys are here to assist you with all your legal questions, concerns, and procedures after you have been bitten by someone else’s dog. Even if you were not explicitly invited onto the dog owner’s property when you were attacked, you might have a strong case. Let us review your situation and figure out what should be done to ensure you get the most compensation possible.

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