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Triumph Law, P.C., P.C. Legal Team Tackles Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation at TBI Conference

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Our legal team at Triumph Law, P.C., P.C. recently attended a TBI Conference organized by 360 Advocacy, one of the top legal organizations committed to shared collaboration and education among U.S. trial lawyers. The event was held from September 9th through the 10th in Las Vegas, and featured some of the nation’s leading medical and legal professionals who focus on traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Intended to further the knowledge and skills of trial lawyers who represent brain injury victims and their families, the TBI Conference program featured presentations by leading radiologists, PM&R specialists, MD-JDs, and biomechanical experts. The program also holds the distinction of featuring defense attorneys who share their insight into how the defense bar responds to and defends against TBI lawsuits – and invaluable take on TBI litigation that can help plaintiffs’ attorneys create bullet-proof cases.

Covering both the scientific and medical implications of traumatic brain injuries and the laws and trial skills needed to effectively handle these cases, presentations touched on topics ranging from the use of witnesses and family to illustrate the behavior of victims before and after their injuries, proving damages through deposition, and the impact of post-concussive syndrome to insider discussions on TBI defense strategies, the biomechanics of brain injuries and their use in litigation, and the development of complete life care plans for those most seriously injured.

As some of the most devastating injuries victims can suffer, traumatic brain injuries are known for their unpredictable consequences, as well as their potential for creating severe and lifelong setbacks. As a firm that represents TBI victims and families who have suffered losses due to the negligence of others, furthering our understanding of these complex and traumatic injuries, and refining our ability to advocate for victims when representing them in their personal injury lawsuits, is critical to protecting the rights of clients and fighting for the compensation they deserve.

As we have noted on our blog, our legal team at Triumph Law, P.C., P.C. is committed to expanding upon our knowledge and skills, especially in areas as difficult, technical, and evolving as brain injuries. Our dedication to staying up to date with new medical research, laws and legal trends, and the latest case law has been a significant part of our practice, and a driving force that has allowed our firm to recover millions of dollars in compensation for clients.

If you have questions about a potential personal injury case involving a traumatic brain injury or any other type of preventable injury, our Sacramento personal injury lawyers are here to help. Contact us today to request a free consultation to learn more about your rights, the personal injury process, and how we can guide you through the journey ahead.

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